11 Jul

We have decided to make a start of the webOS coverage in the hope that HP can iron out the issues with the software and start to support the UK more strongly.

With only a few days to the main stream release of the Touchpad, we are going to be adding some webOS reviews this work on top of the normal coverage.

We are going to be reviewing TapNote and SecurStore 2, we will hopefully have some more titles lined up later in the week as well. We have also started a webOS section on the tips page and are looking at adding some webOS links on the links page.

As you are aware we have been a mostly Apple website up until the release of the Touchpad. We still plan to cover Apple applications everyday, with the webOS reviews and information as bonus articles. So if you are an iPad or iPhone user do not worry we are still covering the same things as before.

It has always been the plan for the website to cover more than Apple products, else we would have named it iTunesGumshoe or similar.

Remember that you can always comment on the Forum or email what you think.

By the way, if there are any webOS developers out there who want us to look at their products then please email us and let us know. 

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