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Torture Bunny is a comical puzzle game released by

This game puts you in the roll of a torturer of a unlucky “crash test” rabbit.

The basics of the game, has you presented with a level with some “natural hazards” and the rabbit in a cage at the top of the screen. You are given select items that can be placed on the screen with which to try and torture the rabbit. When the items are placed, you press go and the rabbit begins his fall towards the ground. If you have placed your items correctly his torture will begin as well.

You are awarded points for the amount of time the rabbit is tortured/hurt during his fall. There are three star carrot awards for each stage, and these are based on the amount of damage you cause to the rabbit.

There is a challenge mode, which is the main game with 5 main areas and 10 stages to each (50 stages + tutorial), there is also a Arcade mode which opens as you finish the areas, giving you all torture items to use on the rabbit.

The game is controlled by dragging the items onto the screen from the tool bar at the bottom of the screen. You can flip items by tapping on them and then pressing the go button to release the rabbit.

The graphics and sound are good, with the rabbit being cute and yells as the hurt is put onto him.

On the upside:

  • Fun to play
  • Some of the torture results can be hilarious.

On the downside:

  • Torture gets old fast.
  • The rabbits fall is very random, so a “perfect” layout will fail badly one try and work great the next.
  • Issues with crashing and locking up. Change face is available for devices without cameras and crashes.

Overall, this game is enjoyable and fun for a short period of time and then starts to become old. It may find a place in some casual gamers devices as they will only play for a few minutes etc time. It needs an update to fix some of the crashing / locking issues. If you like games like Max Injury or Superfall then you may like this one.

Rating: 69%

Size: 44.8 MB

Price (at time of review): £0.59

Link: Torture Bunny –

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