09 Jul

Swords and Soldiers HD is a action-strategy game released by Chillingo Ltd.

The game puts you in the role of a god like creature who helps to lead your people against their enemies.

The basics of the game has you gathering resources (gold and mana) and then purchasing troops and magic to help in the fight against the enemies. The game has three settings Vikings, Aztecs and Chinese.

As the game progresses new spells and troops are introduced. Each level has its own little story line with a fairly piece of written dialogue between the leaders of your armies.

There are short single player campaigns for each of the three tribes, a skirmish mode (quick player really) and challenges (three mini games that can be unlocked from the campaign.)

What really adds to the game is the multiplayer mode that allows you to play split screen. This really adds some longevity to the game if you have someone to play with.

The game is controlled by tapping in the troops and magic you wish to use, and in the case of magic then clicking on the units you wish to use the magic on.

The graphics and sound are both very good, the graphics have a cute cartoon style and the music is fine. There is also a very “Batman” style entry tune to each stage.

On the upside:

  • Cute cartoon graphics.
  • Nice split screen multiplayer.
  • Interesting mix of action and strategy.

On the downside:

  • Lack of real control over your troops. (cannot stop then or make them guard)
  • Repetitive game play.

Overall, I liked this game. It is similar in design to several other games, but it really has taken the best from these games and made something that is both playable and fun. Having the multiplayer and challenges give you more to do, as you will finish the campaign fairly quickly. I can only see this game improving over time if Chillingo decide to add more content. If you are a fan of defense / strategy games this is well worth adding to you collection.

Rating: 83%

Size: 103 MB

Price (at time of review): £2.99

Link: Swords and Soldiers HD – Chillingo Ltd


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