08 Jul

We have had several emails asking where is the webOS coverage we promised.

Well, let us be very honest with you. We have got a Touchpad, but it does feel like it is “ready”, we have received it before the main public release on the 15th July, but we do feel like beta testers at the moment.

We had a few issues with the unit and spent over 2 hours with Palm support highlighting two of them, but they were unable to fix either of these issues. The Palm support was very good, but I feel they need their scripts updating for the Touchpad. More than once the support member asked us to make a change to a setting on our PHONE and even asked me to remove the battery from the Touchpad, yes, remove the battery…

We are now in two minds whether to cover webOS or not at this early stage, we are hoping that this is just teething issues with the new device, but it does feel like the first update will not solve all of our issues.

Even the Pivot magazine in the HP App Catalog keeps switching between a US and European version. One time you open the application you can see Kindle, Need for Speed and HP Movie Store in the magazine, all showing as unavailable [N/A] instead of the install button. Then the next time you look at it, these pages have disappeared and you get a greatly reduced magazine.

We are reviewing over the next few days if we will truly start our webOS coverage or just go back to iOS and OSX releases.

As far as the staff are concerned here is we all love webOS, it is a great operating system and the multi-tasking is excellent. There is much about webOS that we really do enjoy, but the overall experience is lacking and we do not wish to put our time and resources into reviewing applications that few of you may ever use. Again the forum is open for your views if you wish to give them.


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