04 Jul

Discovr Apps – discover new apps is an application matching tool released by Jammbox.

This application allows you to find applications in a variety of ways, and then it offers suggestions and similar applications based on your selection.  This application is very similar in design to Discovr Music application. 

When you open the application you are first asked for the first application you wish to search for, there are also Recommended and Suggestioned application available on the bottom bar of the application.

On my suggested list, the options where limited and ones that I already have installed on the device. The recommended list was much better, but again contained some application already installed.

Once an application is selected either from the recommendation or the search you can tap once to create a group of similar applications. A double tap will reveal the full details of the application, including most of the app store information.

Some of the matches produced are very good with several closely matched items, but it does come up with some off the wall suggestions.

This is a nice way to discover new applications that you may not have heard of and a quick way to fix applications that are similar to the ones you already like.

The user interface is generally good making it easy to navigate the applications. However, it does not show very well when an application with no matches are found.

On the upside:

  • Easy to use interface
  • Great discovery tool
  • Universal App

On the downside:

  • Not able to see the applications already owned.
  • Sometimes does not find linked items to applications which clearly have them.

Overall, this is a useful application to have installed, especially if you have issues finding new applications. I perfer the music version of this application, but this one is still good. It just seems that it still needs a few more tweaks to make it better. On a side not, it sometimes offers US applications which are not available on the UK version, but prices are shown in UK prices.

Rating: 79%

Size: 2.8 MB

Price (at time of review): £0.59

Link: Discovr Apps – discover new apps – Jammbox


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