03 Jul

Here are some of the headline that grabbed the attention this week.

  • iPhone is now 4 years old.
  • Apple giving refunds to Final Cut Pro X buyers who hate it.
  • 100,000 iPad apps in the App store.
  • Apple will announce Q3 earnings on July 16th
  • Rumour: updated Skype iPad app still coming soon.
  • Rumour: OSX Lion to be released on July 7th?
  • Rumour: iPhone 5 coming in September?
  • Rumour: Will the White MacBook disappear with the next MacBook refresh.
  • Pope uses an iPad to launch new Vatican site.
  • Thunderbolt cable now available for $49.
  • 4th July sales
  • Transformers: Dark of the Moon game released for iOS.
  • Death Rally game gets big Duke Nukem tie-in.
  • Online multiplayer comes of age, with Gun Bros and Street Fighter IV Volt added to the offerings.
  • Gameloft preview some big name titles (Batman, Harry Potter and Assassin Creed) 

In other tech news:

  • HP released and aiming for Enterprise, not iPad.
  • Google release Swiffy to convert Flash SWF files to HTML 5.
  • Facebook launching something next week.
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