30 Jun

Morfo 3D Face Booth is a fun photo morphing tool released by SunSpark Labs 

This application allows you to select a photo from you library (needs to be a straight on photo of a face) and then effectively the photo is mapped onto a face and it can then be animated and manipulated.

While similar apps allow you morph and change a still image and then save the changed version back to the library, Morfo take a different track. The face you create can be animated and you can change the emotion of the face and save audio to go with it. This allows you to save off a video of the face with voice and effects.

There are dozens of effects that can be added to face, such as hair, make-up and face shape.

You can even make your face dance to rock, disco or toon music.

Once the filter is selected, you can edit it slightly with a slide that reduces or increases the effect.

Export wise you can export the video you create to facebook, email or take a still photo.

My kids got hold of this app and played with it none stop changing their own faces and some other family members.

The user interface is generally good, but could do with some improvement. Maybe a menu system with previews would have been better at places, then having to tap repeatly on a circle on the screen.

On the upside:

  • Lots of effects to try
  • A real wow factor the first time you see a still photo come to life.
  • You can create some very funny videos from the app.

On the downside:

  • Some User Interface improvements needed.
  • No way to save a current face for later use (only export)

Overall, I really enjoyed using this application. It was great fun for manipulating the photos. There is a wow factor the first time you show it to friends and family. Kids will love this one. You probably not be playing with it for too long, but it will stay on the device for the times you want to wow new friends. There is also a free version available that will allow you to try it out first if you are not sure if you want to spend the cash.

Rating: 81%

Size: 18 MB

Price (at time of review): £1.79

Link: Morfo 3D Face Booth – SunSpark Labs


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