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Transformers: Dark of the Moon HD is an arcade adventure released by Electronic Arts Nederland B.V.

This game allows you to play out the story of the Dark of the Moon over 13 levels of gameplay.

For each level you are give a set transformer to use, either Optimus Prime or Bubblebee. Sentinal Prime can be played, but only in the Tutorial, and is unable to transform.

Along the way you will encounter hundreds of nameless Decepticons, but you will see appears from Shockwave and Megatron.

You are able to collect Energon on the way, which can be used to upgrade your transformers and also to purchase and power up weapons. You selection of weapons can help or hinder in the game, with a few pf the weapons being excellent and really turning battles when powered up.

If you get stuck on a level you can go back and replay levels to power up further, but this is generally not needed.

Once the game is complete there is a bit of replayability as you try and get the achievements and replay some of excellent levels.

The game is controlled with a virtual joystick (which is a little small) and several buttons that activate when needed (fire weapon (also used for close combat by tapping), transform and switch weapons)

The graphics and sound are great and just what you would expect from a Transformers game.

On the upside:

  • Great arcade action
  • Upgradable Transformers and weapons.
  • Proper Dark of the Moon game including vehicle weapons and “shealth” mode.

On the downside:

  • Memory hungry so restart the iPad 1 before trying to play.
  • The game can be completed within about two to three hours.
  • Limited set of Transformers

Overall, this is good solid title and fans of Transformers will enjoy the game. It is a shame it is a bit short lived and you do not have a bigger selected of Transformers, but these are points are minor to the overall quality of the title. If you are a fan of Transformers then this is a must have.

Rating: 87%

Size: 116 MB

Price (at time of review): £2.99

Link: TRANSFORMERS: DARK OF THE MOON HD – Electronic Arts Nederland B.V.

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