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Peter Packer HD is an action sorting game released by

The game puts you into the shoes of Peter who needs to sort packages on the production lines into the correctly shaped chutes. If a parcel goes in the wrong chute or is carried off screen via the production belt that depending on the mode, lives are lost or points lost.

There are three different package shapes. Triangle, Circle and Square. You can throw more than one package at a time, and if they are them all correct you get a combo.

There are three game modes to select from:

  • Classic Mode – Things start slow, but rapidly get harder until packages are whizzing past. Three errors are allowed before game over.
  • Quest Mode – Gives you currently 30 challenges to complete, both only combos for twenty seconds.
  • Time Trial – To score as many points as possible within 1 minute.

The game is controlled by dragging / flicking the parcels in the direction of the chutes. The controls are the most important part of the game, and for some stage reason go flakey very intermittently, which is annoying if you are trying to do combos.

The graphics and sound are good, but nothing special.

On the upside:

  • Fast and fun to play
  • Simple ideas are often the best.

On the downside:

  • Combos can be tricky at times as sometimes the touch controls are intermittently flakey.
  • Not Universal (iPhone version purchased seperate for £0.59)

Overall, this is a fun game to play and I did enjoy it in the main. I think a tweak to the controls in an update would remove my gripe about the controls. The three modes give the game added legs and the quests at least should keep you going a little while.

Rating: 82%

Size: 23.2 MB

Price (at time of review): £1.19

Link: Peter Packer HD –

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