13 Jun

With so many tablets now being released into the market, the iPad still remains that best selling tablet. Are there any tablets of interest or are the other tablets going the way of the Dodo?

HP have announced the Touchpad will be launch on July 1st in the U.S. and in the U.K. a week or so later. Its WebOS operating system has superior multitasking to the iPad, but a lot of the other killer features have been undermined a little by iOS 5 (notifications, Synergy vs. iCloud) and the other needs an HP phone, which still have no release date in the U.K.

We believe that the Touchpad and its locked down application market is probably going to see some growth in the business market with a small amount of consumer users. Despite being late to market it is probably the closest competitor to the iPad, but it is unlikely to be an iPad killer.

Dell have said in article over the weekend that the U.S. market is not ready for a tablet market yet, but there will be one in the future, and they are going to focus their Dell Steak at China first. This is an interesting tactic and may even work.

Android tablets are making limited head way at the moment, but are beginning to gain a little ground. The lack of the applications is still hurting the Andriod market place and until later in the year there is still a fragmented Andriod market.

There are going to be dozens of tablets that will appear and disappear this year. A few tablets will remain, the Touchpad and a few androids (HTC and Samsung) are most likely. For 2011, the iPad will still be the best seller, but may see its percentage of the market cut to 65%.

Apple iOS remains that advantage over the other tablets with a simple interface and hundreds of applications that allow you to do whatever you want to, on your tablet.

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