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With the WWDC keynote out of the way, the press look over the headlines and the developers start to get there hands on iOS 5 and how the iCloud will effect them.


  • Mac OS Lion will be released in July 2011, at $29.99 (£20-25 depending on Apples pricing)
  • iOS 5 – another bump to the iOS, available in Autumn
  • iCloud – Online automatic storage and backup
  • iTunes Match – $25 a year (£20) for matching music tracks in iTunes and then stream to any of your devices. More than likely a US service at launch.
  • No new hardware announced (told you so.)

The most interesting thing here, is that Apple a premium and send by many to be an expensive company to buy from, the item shown with the highest price was Lion at $29.99.

What about us?

However, what we are really asking is what will it all mean to us as end users?

We, if you are an iOS user only, and do not have a computer, it is massively useful, as now you will get over the air updates, once iOS 5 is install. Steaming of music etc, so you do not need all the music stored on your device. I also think that went many of the developers get their hands on iCloud, you will no longer need to worry about losing saved games, as these can be put into the iCloud, so you could uninstall a game, and then reload in a few months time, and your save game etc, would still be there.

The enhancement to the camera application was also nice to see.

Many in the press are saying that the iOS updates are mostly copying the competiton updating the iOS with some of the better features of Android and WebOS, this is in some ways true, I think some of them Apple were planning to add anyway, but they cannot be seen to be falling behind the competition, just because the feature may be seen as similar.

If you are a Mac user, then we are looking at another bump in OS X, which gives us some of the feel of iOS without it getting in the way too much. Lots of UI changes, and the real need to start looking at a touch control device, rather than the mouse.

iCloud does look like an interesting product, for both storage and backup, as they can be automatic, and will all streaming of data rather than storing it on the device.

The biggest issue we are going to see if the restrictions that mobile and land based internet providers are placing on us, as I have said in the past, a lot of people are restricted in the amount of downloads they can do due to Caps, Fair use policy and allowances. If the iCloud is going to be an always on system, we could see our broadband usage doubling, especially if we have selected to transfer apps direct to all our devices with the iTune user account, for me, if I downloaded Fifa 11 on the iPad, I would get it automatically my personal iPad, my iPhone and the iPod Touch, 4 x 1.2GB. So that would be 4.8GB in the matter of a few minutes, I think Apple will need to have a look at the best way to control this, otherwise they may have several unhappy customers.

Also, in the keynote it was send that if you got a nice iPhone / iPad etc, and entered your Apple ID and password, the device would download all your previous devices data (if you wanted it too) automatically. This is great as long as you have the download allowance to do it, and no one has got their hands on your Apple ID.

Overall, the keynote was good and I found some of the new things announced very exciting. I was glad to see that Apple are still supporting the Apple 3GS with iOS 5. I think we call all look forward to the new operating system and exciting times ahead.

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