02 Jun

Ball Towers HD is a tilt controlled wire track and ball game released by ASK Homework.

The idea behind the game is that you need to guide the ball to the bucket as quickly as possible. Depending on the time taken your will receive a gold, silver or bronze medal.

The basics of the game, is to move the ball around the wire track to reach the bucket. The more you tilt the faster the ball goes. On the way you need to get the ball around corners and through arches with blocking tubes, meaning you have to tilt enough to get the ball through these arches.

The game is controlled by tilting the device to increase and decrease the speed of the ball along the wire.

The graphics and sound are very good, the areas around the wire are nicely drawn.

On the upside:

  • Nicely Design Levels
  • Fairly unique game design.

On the downside:

  • Having to type in your name after every single completed level.
  • Tilt controls are not perfect, making it tricker than it needs to be.
  • Time limits are a very tough for the begineer.

Overall, this is a good game at present, and with a few tweaks could be improved greatly, the main one is getting rid of the typing in your name each time, just remember it from the first time. This game is tough to get into for a begineer, it would have been nicer to have an easier entry into the game. 

Rating: 71%

Size: 56.4 MB

Price (at time of review): £0.59

Link: Ball Towers HD – ASK Homework

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