01 Jun

Pages is a word processor package (part of the iWorks suite of software) release by Apple Inc.

I am aware that we have already reviewed the iPad version of the software, and so in fact this is really a re-review as all that has happened is the application has gone universal, however, we have made a special case here due to the major downsizing of the screen area.

Pages is, at it basic level, a word processor, but you can do layouts and designs that make it into a DTP package as well.

The application is well put together, and works fine under general word processing use. It is amazing that they have managed to cram all the iPad options into the iPhone version.

If you are going to use the app for lots of writing, then you may want to invest a blue tooth keyboard or similar.

Documents can be moved in various ways like mobileMe, WebDav and iTunes.

The user interface is generally good, but if you have used the iPad version you will immediately feel the iPad version due to the screen size is superior.

On the upside:

  • Great for editing documents on the move.
  • Good way to start documents when away from your desk or tablet.

On the downside:

  • Locked to portrait mode, no landscape option. Why?
  • A little limited in functionality

Overall, this is a good word processor for the iPhone. If you already had the iPad then you are now free to continue a document if you are travelling without your tablet, but using mobileMe etc. If you do not have an iPad and so did not buy Pages, it is a little bit expensive compared with some more fully featured apps, which also allow for the landscape mode keyboard.

Rating: 72%

Size: 87.9 MB

Price (at time of review): £5.99

Link: Pages – Apple®


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