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Here are some of the headline that grabbed the attention this week.

  • Apple tell Lodsys to withdraw their threats to third party developers for iOS.
  • Apple are looking at new screen suppliers for the iPad 3.
  • Apple will sign with all the major music publishers in time for WWDC.
  • Now over 500,000 apps on the App Store.
  • Banks ditch blackberries for iPhones.
  • MacHeist “The Heist” goes to number 1 within a day.
  • Amazing GarageBand guitar solo shown on the web.
  • Rumour: Apple are looking at A5 powered MacBook Air.
  • Rumour: Next iPhone could work better with Sunglasses.
  • Rumour: iOS 5 will revamp notifications and add widgets.
  • Rumour: Will iOS 5 run on the iPhone 3Gs?
  • Rumour: Will Mac OS X Lion launch at WWDC?
  • Madfinger preview Shadow Gun, an awesome looking shooter.

In other tech news:

  • HP claim the Touchpad will be better than number one.
  • Samsung lawyers push to see the iPad3 and iPhone5.
  • Windows sales shrink for the first time ever.
  • Acer stop production of its 7 inch tablet.
  • Lodsys aim sights at Android, will Google defend them?
  • Google announce NFC mobile payment system, and Paypal sue immediately.
  • Amazon lose $3 million + on Lady Gaga album for 99 cents, or is it $3m in advertising.
  • Amazon launch their own Mac App Store.
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Evernote is a cloud based notes application released by Evernote.

Evernote is probably one of the original web based services that allows you to add / edit notes and upload and sync to the internet.

This application is designed to allow you to add and edit existing notes  sync with the cloud when you have a connection available, so allows you to add notes while away from the computer/internet connection.

In addition to plain text notes you can add audio and images (via camera or photo library) to Evernote.

Tagging and Geo-Location can be used when updating notes and photos..

At present Evernote allows you to have unlimited notes, but you are limited to an update of 60 MB in a monthly cycle, if you want over this amount then you are looking at £27 a year, which allows you to upload 1GB per month. If you are only doing text notes, then the free version will be more than enough, but audio and photos will really need the premium account.

If you are a premium user then you can do file syncing, so can add and sync files like PDF, Word and Excel.

There are one or two features that are still only available on the web based / desktop services, such as adding a notebook, but in the main the application is fairly fully featured now.

The user interface is very good, which several different views so you can select the one that suits you.

On the upside:

  • Easy to add plain text notes.
  • Universal App.
  • You can email information direct into your notes

On the downside:

  • Web and Desktop access are still better is several ways

Overall, this is a great note taking application for people who wish to note ideas and information for later usage. The audio and images are as easy to add as the plain text. Generally if you are a big plain text note taker the free monthly 60MB will be more than enough (something like 30,000 notes a month). If you make lots of notes in your business or lifestyle, and you want them safely stored in the cloud then Evernote is a must have service.

Rating: 88%

Size: 10.9 MB

Price (at time of review): Free

Link: Evernote – Evernote



Here are three more games that have got a lot of play time this week.

1) Modern Combat: Domination – Gameloft [Mac] (£7.49) – 85%

Yes, it’s a Mac game that we are still playing, it had to happen. A great multiplayer tactical F.P.S shooter.

2) Pocket God – Bolt Creative [iPhone] (£0.59) – 82%

With the latest update adding challenges to the game has really got us playing again.

3) Tap The Frog HD – Mentals LLC [iPad] (Free) – 81%

A fun and addictive reaction game, most of the sixteen mini games are simple and great.

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Memonic is a online note storing and sharing service and the app is released by Nektoon Corp.

Memonic is a web based service that allows you to add / edit and share notes via the internet. The application is designed to sync with the cloud when you have a connection available, so allows you to add notes while away from the computer. The service itself is very simple in style to Evernote.

The application allows you to add a note with a title, and basic text and then a picture attachment if you desire.

At present Memonic allows you to have one hundred notes for free with a maximum individual file size of 2 MB, if you want over this amount then you are looking at £18 a year, which is not that bad for unlimited notes and file sizes up to 20 MB each.

The user interface is good, but extremely limited at present.

On the upside:

  • Easy to add new notes.
  • Universal App.

On the downside:

  • No way to edit existing notes within the app.
  • Web site access (especially on the iPad) is way better than the app.

Overall, I feel that the applications is too limited at this time, it is just to nice way to add notes while offline, but considering these devices are normally always online this is not much of a bonus. The Memonic service itself is good and solid, with its friends sharing and groups. I think it has a long way to go to match the Evernote app for true functionally, but for the services they are giving, they are off to a good start. For now I will wait and look forward to the next app update. 

Rating: 64%

Size: 3.5 MB

Price (at time of review): Free

Link: Memonic – Nektoon Corp.



Tap the Frog HD is mini game based speed test application released by Mentals LLC

The game has a selection of Mini games to play which unlock more as your progress through the game. That are mostly all based on the reaction time of the user, and then it rates you in stars against the time you took.

The basics of the game, is that you are present with a level, and after reading the short instructions on screen, you tap and play the game. This can be anything for tapping a frog when it moves, to multiple tapping on a specific colour frog etc.

The graphics and sound are nice and functional. The frogs are cute and nicely animated.

On the upside:

  • Fast and Addictive
  • Left on most levels wanting to retry again to get the five stars.

On the downside:

  • Not a lot of levels (only sixteen)
  • Fairly short lived, if you are happy to complete without maximum stars

Overall, this is a great little free game, it is fun and enjoyable. It is well worth the download, it will not take you long to complete the sixteen levels, but it is fun while it lasts. The developers promise more levels on the way, so it may be a good app to hang onto. If you want to collect the maximum stars and little the mini games this should keep you going for a while.

Rating: 81%

Size: 12.8 MB

Price (at time of review): Free

Link: Tap The Frog HD – Mentals LLC

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