30 May

Kung Fu Panda 2: Be The Master [will be] a selection of mini games released by THQ Inc.

The game puts you into the role of Kung Fu Panda (from the movie) as you train hard to become a master at Kung Fu.

At present the game comprises of two mini games and two mini games that are locked, but are promised to be unlocked in future updates. The two open mini games are Paws of Power and Feet of Fury.

Paws of Power, is basically a clone of Fruit Ninja, it plays in a similar way to the basic Fruit Ninja game, with Beehives instead of bombs, you can let up to three items fall from the screen without the game being over and Wooden Dolls are thrown up into the air instead of Fruit. The game is not a good or varied as the game it is based on, but apart from some minor collision detection issues is a fairly solid game.

Feet of Fury, is again another clone, this time of Doodle Jump, it has you jumping from platform to platfrom, trying to get as high as you can. You can pick up bonus items on the way to help your climb, from a tree branch to launch you, some stilts that help you jump high a limited amount of time and a chair strapped with fairworks from the original movie. On the climb you must kick any ememies, or they will send he falling off the bottom of the screen.

There are also dumplings to collect in both mini games, but to me the use of these are so far unclear, maybe to be used after the update?

The graphics and sound are very good and match the movie well.

On the upside:

  • Nice movie tie in.
  • Solid mini games

On the downside:

  • Only two mini games unlocked? Why?
  • Nothing original here, if you have the two original games, then they are better than this one.

Overall, this is a solid tie in to the movie for kids looking for a Kung Fu Panda game. The game is well programmed and if it was totally original would be a game you could be very happy with at the price. All I can hope that the upgrade when it comes adds more the game. At least the price is only £0.59, so will not break the bank, and if you do not own the games listed above you should be happy with the game so far.

Rating: 77%

Size: 18.2 MB

Price (at time of review): £0.59

Link: Kung Fu Panda 2: Be The Master – THQ Inc.


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