30 May

Which WWDC only a week away it seem certain that Mac OS X Lion and iOS 5 will be shown.

iOS 5 has been kept underwraps by Apple and the press have been a buzz with what will be added in this addition, but only a few as asking which of the devices will be supported?

It seems that iOS will unify the Verizon phone iOS with the standard releases.

It is of course certain that the iPad 2, the latest iPod Touch and the iPhone 4 will support all the iOS 5 features, but want of the older devices, will they been fully featured?

The iPad seems likely, other than any camera enhancements of course.

The iPhone 3GS and the 3rd Gen iPod Touch are a bit more unlikely, at best they will be able to run iOS 5, but it is almost certain that some features will be disabled on these devices. There is always the risk that Apple will not even allow them to be upgraded to iOS5.

This is a concern to me, as my current phone is a iPhone 3GS, and I was going to skip the iPhone 4 (for several reasons) and go onto the iPhone 5. However, unless there is a shock announcement at WWDC, there is not going to be a new iPhone until August or September. At least I have the lastest iPod Touch for small screen testing of iOS if the iPhone 3GS is not supported.

It looks likely that none of the other devices will have any iOS 5 support.

Will iOS 5 be enough to make us upgrade none supported devices, for that we will have to wait and see.

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