23 May

Orions2″ The Deckmasters is a strategy card game and is released by Chillingo Ltd.

This is the sequal to Orions: Legends of Wizards. This version expands on the original and adds new cards (creatures and spells) and a more fleshed out campaign mode

The game offers the campaign mode, which has you building resources and dueling for areas of land. There is also an online mode, which allows for internet play via WiFi/3G or local on the same device. You can even duel against the CPU with variable levels of difficulty.

There is a deck design tool, that allows you to try out different cards.

The campaign mode is reasonable, but fairly short lived (depending on the difficulty level you selected) the CPU gives a reasonable challenge, but uses fairly basic tactics.

The multiplayer adds additional longevity to the game, especially as you can play a visiting friend on the same device.

The basics of the game, is you have a deck of cards that can be used when you have the correct amounts of power to lay down the cards. Some are creatures and are left on one of the five positions on the board, others are spells that can be triggered to attack, heal or defend. Both you and your opponent have a number of hit points, when one of you is reduced to 0 then the other is the winner.

The game is controlled by selecting cards from the deck, and then dragging them into the area of play. Once placed the card activates. Creatures spells can be done by tapping the cast button on the card and if you hod the card for a moment the description of the card is shown.

The graphics and sound are good, but nothing amazing.

On the upside:

  • Well designed card game
  • Fans of Magic the gathering will find this one interesting.

On the downside:

  • The odd bug when you are looking through the cards throws up a number?
  • Some of the touch areas are a little twitchy and trigger by accident.

Overall, this is a good conversion of a card strategy game onto a touch screen device, however, due to the design of the game and at the price I think it would have been better as an iPad game (or Universal app). There are a few issues that just being to grate as you play the game, like triggering things by accident. However, in the main the game works well. I think with an update or two this game could be improved be excellent. At the moment, I would download if you love magic the gathering style games, or liked the original.

Rating: 78%

Size: 29 MB

Price (at time of review): £1.79

Link: Orions 2 – Chillingo Ltd


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