23 May

With a lot of the UK broadband providers and all of the UK mobile providers looking to limit our bandwidth, what is going to happen in the year to come?

With more cloud services launching (including the rumoured Apple service) and Apples App Store which only allows full file updates then what will happen?

This month I have been doing an experiment on my fathers broadband service, which is provided by BT and is limited to 40GB per month.

I have been using my laptop to run the updates from the Mac App Store and the iOS App Store, to see what sizes of downloads we are getting.

Now, my father uses a meer 8GB a month on average, with a peak of 11GB. So that would give me 30GB to play with.

After 20 days I had calculated if I was using his broadband to download all of my updates I would have gone over this limited, and he would £5 per 5GB used.

What downloads have been released this month to push this total so easily? Here are some large examples.

  • Fifa 11 – 1.24 GB
  • Infinity Blade – 584 MB
  • N.O.V.A. 2 – 580 MB
  • Need for Speed – 431 MB

There have been more, I have seen at least twelve more titles with 200 MB or more. However, the real big download is:

  • Xcode at 4.25GB

Now most of these titles have just been patching issues with the game, not been big updates. I have seen some just added a change of icon or a bug fix. Even N.O.V.A. 2 is a map pack, that you can believe could be patched into the full game.

I think here, the point I am trying to get across to Apple is, please look at the way that Apps are updated. Either give some money to the broadband providers to make things truly unlimited, or allow patches to sent rather than full code updates, as you are killing our broadband allowance.

What do you guys think out there, is your mobile or landline broadband allowance causing issues?

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