22 May

Casey’s Contraptions is a crazy contraptions building game released by Snappy Touch. 

The game is a lot like the incredible machine games of yesteryear. Each level you are given a puzzle to solve and several objects to achieve the objective with.

The game is played level by level, with three stars to try on obtain on each level. If one of the objects in the level touches the star you earn it. The sections of the games are locked until a certain number of stars are gained. The levels each have their own objective, like knocking an item into a basket or popping a balloon.

The game is controlled by dragging, flipping and rotating the objects onto the screen and then pressing the play button to see if your solution works.

At the moment there are three sections to the game. The classroom, The Backyard and the Bedroom, which several new sections coming soon, currently comprising at around 70 levels.

The other interesting addition in the game is the “My Contraptions”  book, which allows you to build custom levels, as you complete more of the main game you will unlock more pieces to use. This designer is well done and with a few tweaks (renaming levels and a bit more control over the level objective) could be truly great.

There are several social aspects to the game with the ability to share both your solutions and the contraptions that you have builder. It is within this area that the solutions that Casey has done are hidden away.

The graphics and sound are very good. The objects are simple in design and very functional.

On the upside:

  • Some excellent puzzles to solve.
  • The “My Contraptions” builder is very good.
  • Several ways to complete several of the levels. 

On the downside:

  • Solutions (casey own solutions) hidden away behind the friends sections (so need to log into game center)
  • Some levels can rely on timing, so can be difficult to get “just right”.

Overall, this is a great little game. If you love the incredible machine games then this game will make you very happy indeed. If you have a number of friends to share the contraptions with this adds something special to the game. As a first revision of the game it is excellent, I am not surprised that it has already got it into the iPad top 10 list. With a few tweaks and new levels I think it will be one of those must have iPad applications. 

Rating: 89%

Size: 11.6 MB

Price (at time of review): £1.79

Link: Casey’s Contraptions – Snappy Touch

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