20 May

Here are two games that have just got updates that improve their reviews.

GAMEBOX 2 – Triniti Interactive Limited: 80% (up from 72%)

This great multipack of games has come a long way since the original release, and has now got up to 18 games (we reviewed when it was only 10) the additional games have all be good. They played with some unlockables back in previous updates, but these are mostly gone now. If you like multipacked games these are well worth picking up.


Spirits for iPad – Spaces of Play: Now 89% (up from 85%)

This beautiful and zen like puzzle game has been updated with an overhaul to the gameplay on earlier levels. It is, in my opinion, a great tweak and has made the game even better.

* * *

There have been several other updates of note this week including: Infinity Blade, Cannibal Rabbies and Pocket God.

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