18 May

OmniOutliner for iPad is a outlining tool released by the Omni Group.

This application allows you to create and edit outline documents. 

There are several example templates within the application which show what the software is capable of, and some are rather good.

The outliner tools are easy to use and quick to set upm and adding columns is simple to do. Changing the layout and system, including making text into headers and subheaders are also quick and effective.

The add button expands to allow faster manipulation of the layout, but I am not sure that this would have been better as several buttons, maybe Omni have plans for the spare space on the footer bar?

Export options including saving as an OmnOutliner file (to be used on the desktop version), OPML, HTML or plain text. These can be seny via Email, iDisk or WebDAV.

If you have OmniOutliner for the Mac, the Outlines are transferred and editted easily between the two versions (I did this via iDisk) remembering that the iPad does not yet have all the features of the Mac version.

The application user interface is very good in most areas. There is also a useful help file built in.

On the upside:

  • Nice User Interface
  • Lots of templates available
  • Good export options

On the downside:

  • Unable to enter multi-line outlines without using cut and paste.
  • The auto created status column cannot be repositioned, as I like to unhide it.
  • No Dropbox support, yet.

Overall, this is another great tool from the Omni Group. If you have OmniOutliner on the Mac, then this application is a must have as a sister product. For those without the Mac version will still find the applications massively useful. This is a good solid first release and by the way Omni have released other applications it promises more improvements in future updates. There are one or two Outliner tools that are close at the moment, but I can see OmniLiner pulling away from these very soon.

Rating: 88%

Size: 5.5 MB

Price (at time of review): £11.99

Link: OmniOutliner for iPad – The Omni Group


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