17 May

Peppa Pig – Polly Parrot is a selection of mini games released by P2 Games Limited.

This application contains a group of mini games in which you are able to earn stickers, which can then be used in a sticker book that is also within the game.

The mini games are as follow:

  • Talking Parrot – Make silly sentences out of the three selection boxes : 73%
  • Feed Polly – A counting and colour game (two difficultly levels) : 68%
  • Where’s Polly – Scroll around the house and tap on items to find Polly: 72%
  • Matching Pairs – Standard Card matching game (three difficulty levels) : 69%  

The sticker book as six backgrounds, and you can drag and drop your earnt stickers, as well as four you get for free onto the background. It is a shame that there is no save button for the pictures, I had to do a screen shot when my daughter wanted the picture to be outside the application, like some of her other games.

The games are easy to be controlled by simply tapping on the game you require and then selecting any of the options for the game, such as difficulty or timed.

The graphics and sound are very good. Fans of the Peppa Pigs cartoons will be happy that the visuals and sounds match those of the cartoon.

On the upside:

  • Good use of the Peppa Pig license
  • Very nice mini games for younger children to play
  • The talking parrot made my daughter laugh

On the downside:

  • My daughter was a little upset all the stickers were not available immediately.
  • Lack of save button on the sticker book.
  • Would have been nice if universal, as my daughter perfers using the iPad.

Overall, I found this to be a nice and entertaining game with my children. It is certainly aimed more at the 3 to 8 age range. The voice and graphics are all well done and as my daughter is a big fan of Peppa Pigs she was very happy with the application. I think the pricing for four mini games and a sticker book is just about right.

Rating: 78%

Size: 17.9 MB

Price (at time of review): £1.79

Link: Peppa Pig – Polly Parrot – P2 Games Limited


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