15 May

Here are some of the headline that grabbed the attention this week.

  • Apple release 4.2.2 for Apple TV
  • Developers suffer patent lawsuits from Lodsys who have purchased the patent from the owner.
  • Publishers are beginning to come onboard to the iOS subscription model.
  • Mobile Me disappears from distribution channels.
  • The Queen purchases an iPad 2
  • Rumours: Apples datacentre to deal with Voice Control in iOS 5 (as well)
  • Rumours: Apple Schedule employee meetings on May 28th for Lion and iCloud
  • Rumours: Bungie (Makers of Halo) look at releasing a game from iOS called Crimson.
  • Rumours: Duke Nukem Forever coming to iOS
  • Cthulhu coming soon to iOS in “The Wasted Lands” game.
  • Angry Birds Rio gets an update
  • Order & Chaos Online to get a major content patch soon.
  • Aralon: Sword and Shadow HD on sale.
  • OmniOutliner released for iPad

In other tech news:

  • Amazon looking at releasing its own tablet device.
  • Google I/O gives Apple something to think about, with music store, end of fragmentation or devices and software. The also launch the chromebook, which you can buy or rent.
  • Skype purchased by Microsoft.
  • HP Veer released in U.S. – the first offical HP webOS device. 
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