10 May

Mac Roundtable Podcast covers Apple news and rumour and is released by the Macroundtable Crew.

This podcast features several veterans of the Mac community talking about Apple information, from the software to the hardware.

The podcast is fairly irregular, but generally has a fortnightly release schedule. The podcast has been around some time and now almost on its 100th Episode.

On the upside:

  • Interesting information about Apple products
  • Knowledgable guests

On the downside:

  • Content is a little random, sometimes covers historical Apple news.

Overall, this is an interesting podcast for anyone who is interested in Apple products and the history of the products and the company. If you are a Mac ‘fan boy’ then the podcast is well worth a listen.

Rating: 78%

Average Running Time: Around an hour per episode

Price (at time of review): Free

Link: Mac Roundtable Podcast

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