09 May

For the things that Cloud computing can do, it is being heavily hampered by the ISP, whether it is on your mobile device or on your home computer.

For home users, their unlimited usage is often less than unlimited, with PEAK usage restrictions or a broad width limitation if you are using more than the ISP believes to be “Fair Use”.

Often ISP providers are trying to limit you do to X amount of GB per month, and you need to pay through the nose if you want to have real Unlimited usage.

Mobile ISP have been getting rid of Unlimited usage for the last few years, and now are trying to reduce you down to 1 to 3 GB per month.

Broadband services can be heavy hogs of broadband, and can clock up several GB of usage before you know it.

  • Video or Music Stream (YouTube, BBC iPlayer, Spotify and many others)
  • Online Backup Services (Crashplan, Carbonite etc)
  • Online Storage (Dropbox etc)

I have just returned from overseas where the usage was charged for the speed you received, rather than the usage made, so I was able to do many of these things on my computer. However, with the return to the U.K. I quickly found I had to limit my usage downwards again.

If people are one day expected to have all their music and videos in the cloud and then stream them to the computer (Googles Chrome, Amazon’s Music Service and Apple’s Data Centre being several examples) the ISPs will need to look at alternative ways of charging else full Cloud services will never be more than a pipe dream.

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