08 May

Scrivener is a writing tool released by Literature & Latte.

This application allows you to create a project, either from a blank template or from several premade templates. If you have existing text his can be dragged into the project and it will appear as research so you can review or cut and paste into your project.

Scrivener effectively only allows you to write text within the project, no images or fancy formatting. It is all about getting the text written, and then worrying about the formatting at the end when you are finished.

The application allows you to use clips of text big or small, and then move them around in the project to the location you want them, if you realise that a paragraph of section of the project is not great or needs revision you can split it out from the text and make notes on what to do, or even slip the text in later in the text with the paragraph makes more sense.

I have been using Scrivener now for several weeks, and I must say that it really impressed me and it has allowed me get several of my notes and word processor documents that I have written into order and it is now a book. Making notes outside the text of the book, but having them all in one place is marvellous. The research section just allows you to gather things like character ideas and images inside the project too.

Where Scrivener really shines and impressed me the most was what happened when the project is completed. As it is all plain text in the project, you can compile it into a document that is in the format that the read wants. I can export into a text file for a publisher using their required font and formatting. Then two minutes later I can be exporting the same text again into an EPub that I can then import into iBooks so I can read it again, and feel that my book is already real and published. 

The user interface is very good and customisable to your needs, who can even go into full screen mode where only the text area is highlighted for writing, and everything else blacks out behind.

On the upside:

  • Simple and Clean user interface.
  • Dozens of useful options
  • Export to almost any format directly (EPUB, Kindle and many more.)

On the downside:

  • Some of the options are a bit complex, but there are help files and videos out there to help.

Overall, this is a wonderful application, if you are a writer or want-to-be writer then Scrivener is a must have. You can use it in its most basic way to easily organise your book and get it done, then explore the more advanced options and fall in love with the application again, as you are able to do so much more than you realised. The export options of Scrivener is want really sets it massively ahead of the competition.

Rating: 91%

Size:  19.1 MB

Price (at time of review): £26.99 

Link: Scrivener – Literature & Latte


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