06 May

Frisbee Forever is a fun freemium title released by Kiloo.

This freemium title allows you to play frisbee over several wild and wacky worlds. The goal being to throw your frisbee and then guide it left or right through the 3D levels to the finish ring.

The basic ideas of the game is to fly through the 100 tracks available and collect as many stars as possible. At the end of the level you will be awarded star coins, these can then be used to purchase extras, new frisbees and unlock new tracks.

I feared at the point were I saw that unlocking levels needed star coins that the game would be limited until real money was spent, but I am happy to tell you it is not. It does slow you progress a little, but in now way impossible to advance. Coins can be earn by sparing an in game code with a friend, so I immediately gained 500 star coins from this progress. You can also reply levels to your hearts content, this will allow you to unlock a new level after less than an hour of replay.

The game is controlled by tap or tilt control. The controls are only left and right, so both work fine, but tap seemed better for me. The first few levels are very easy and then the game becomes more interesting.

The graphics and sound are very good. The 3D works well and is nicely animated. 

On the upside:

  • Fun to play
  • Lots to do and unlock
  • A freemium title done well.

On the downside:

  • Collision detection is not perfect.
  • You will need to replay levels if you do not want to play real money.
  • Repetitive game play..

Overall, I found this a fun little game, there is lots to do and unlock along the way. After a while you will begin to run out of star coins, but if you are enjoying the game you will not mind replaying levels to get gold medals rather than silver. I think when the time comes I will not mind sending a pound or so getting the last of the extras unlock. Several companies could learn from Kiloo’s example, fun games rather than fund games.

Rating: 80%

Size: 59.9 MB

Price (at time of review): Free (with in-app purchases available)

Link: Frisbee Forever – Kiloo


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