05 May

Our Choice is an interactive book by Al Gore about global warming and is released by Push Pop Press, Inc.

This book starts up with an introduction by Al Gore, and then an introduction on how to use the application. These can be skipped and will not run again (unless selected). Then the book can be read as normal. There are lots of interactive images (with a map to show the location they were taken), movies, audio clips etc.

The book contains 18 chapters on the various challenges and solutions available to combat global warming, the books tries to say upbeat about this being a solvable problem if people work together. Some of the fact presented as scary and shocking, this is good as it makes you want to do something to help.

This is one of the best interactive books I have read in the iPad, it is not perfect, but at £2.99 for around 250 pages of content then it is worth every penny.

The book contents are very well written and a must read if you have an interest in global warming.

On the upside:

  • Engaging book.
  • Beautiful images.
  • Well designed user interface.

On the downside:

  • Sizable in-app download, and no control over it. In fact, slowed down my iPad, until the built in warning told me the iPad was low on disk space.
  • Can only be read in landscape (on iPad)
  • Universal, but the issue is you have to do the in-app download on all devices seperately.

Overall, if you are a believer in the global warming crisis and what Al Gore has to say then this is a must read book. I personally believe that global warming is a factor and will effect the future of the earth, so I found the book interesting and enlightning. I have watched and own the inconvenient truth movie, some of the issues are covered here again, but there is also a lot of new information too. I have even purchased this application out of my own money.

Rating: 86%

Size: 52.8 MB (base download) then around 1GB+ in-app download.

Price (at time of review): £2.99

Link: Our Choice – Push Pop Press, Inc.


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