02 May

One year ago today we posted our first article on the InternetGumshoe and from then we have written around 900 articles and seen lots of changes on the website.

For example, if you remember in May 2010, we in the UK had still not go our hands on the original iPad unless we obtained it on the grey market. The iPhone 4 was still not released, and we guessed at what features it would have.

During the year we suggested that soon games would be over 1 GB in size and we turned out to right. We followed the introduction of Freemium titles and subscription.

There has also been the introduction of the Mac App Store, which we decided to cover as well in our line up, and this has been a popular addition.

I have personally played over 500 games this year and reviewed many of them.

The Free App Round Up was a popular daily article, but we had to pull it for the sanity of the reviewer (including myself) as there was only so many times you could play a bad clone of doddle jump without getting disheartened.

We have had many ups and downs here, trying to get developers on board in the early days was a tough fight in the early days with some of the large companies not taking us seriously for several months. However, I am glad to save that many developers immediately helped us and we were able to get off the ground. We have to give a special mention to Gameloft, the Omni group and Chillingo who have been very helpful and supportive since the start.

We are now looking forward to our second year with excitement, as we hope to see a new iPhone (4s more than likely) and the iPad 3. We may even see a new product in the iOS range.

Lastly, we would like to say a very special thanks to you, the readers, especially those who have been with us for several months. Our readership has continued to grow over the year and we are looking forward to bring you more review, new and giveaways in the years to come.



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