01 May

Here are some of the headline that grabbed the attention this week.

  • Apple more profitable than Microsoft
  • Apple release a Q & A press release explaining Location Data – For GPS and some bad programming.
  • iPad2 released in twelve more countries, looks like production should be dealing with demand soon.
  • White iPhone is finally available and a little thicker than the black version.
  • Apple has commited the purchase $11B in components in the current quarter (yes that is 11 Billion)
  • Rumour: Apple Cloud service coming soon (called iCloud?)
  • Rumour: will it be the iPhone 4s that is released later this year?
  • U.S. President spotted with an iPad
  • E-Books are killing real books, and apparently it is the iPads fault.
  • Gameloft release Movie tie-in – Fast Five
  • Gameloft release Order & Chaos Online
  • Sega release Streets of Rage 3

Sony Announces S1 and S2 (Dual-Screen) Android Tablets, if they can afford it after the Playstation outage.

Oh yes, and it is InternetGumshoes 1st Birthday tomorrow.

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