29 Apr

Vampire Rush is a combat based tower defence game released by Chillingo Ltd.

The game puts you in control of Captain Greg, who uses his trustly sword to defend a gateway that is the only thing standing between the vampires and their minions from escaping an area. The enemy will race towards this gate in wave after wave of combat action.

You are able to build towers to defend the game, and upgrade these with money as the wave continues.

Captain Greg can also upgrade his skills, the main one being the ability to heal himself.

During the waves some bonus chests and boxes appear, which can be picked up, they give extra money, healing etc.

The game is controlled by a virtual joystick and a button to attack. There are action buttons that switch on as you purchase skills. You also have two menus that pull out to allow the purchase of towers and skills.

The graphics and sound are very good.

On the upside:

  • Fast paced defence game
  • Good mix of combat and defence (allowing you to set up towers between waves)

On the downside:

  • I think the 10 waves takes a little too long, and a higher percentage of cash transferred between levels.
  • A little repetitive.

Overall, this is a good mix of combat and defence game, a year ago this would have been fairly unique, however, it is now there are lots of this type of game. It is one of the better ones I have played, but I feel it just needs something more to make it stand out from the crowd, like Dungeon Defender which is the same price or Bug Heroes. All this said Vampire Rush is a good game and worth a look if you love your action tower defence games.

Rating: 78%

Size: 82.0 MB

Price (at time of review): £1.79

Link: Vampire Rush HD – Chillingo Ltd

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