25 Apr

Play Kalei is a visional puzzle game released by Chillingo Ltd.

The game sets you the task of spotting a pattern made by the kaleidoscope looking at the image on screen. 

The game basically gives you a photograph and then generates a pattern from the picture. You then need to find the spot on the picture the pattern was taken from. You are given three patterns per image, and 5 images in a level. Each photo has a time limit, and you are awarded stars depending on how quick you are at finding the matching patterns.

Luckily the game helps as you can see the changing in your version of the pattern when you drag your finger, and if you are taking some time, the lighting begins to focus in on the area where the pattern was taken from, giving you a better chance of spotting it.

The game also has the nice touch of letting you add your own images, and doing the pattern matching on these. However, you need to be careful on the image selected, as if it is too repetitive the area is almost impossible to find.

The game is controlled by moving your finger tip to the section of the screen you believe will match the pattern, and dragging around from there.

The graphics and sound are good. The photos used as of good quality.

On the upside:

  • New and original
  • Fun trying to spot were the pattern has come from.

On the downside:

  • Sometimes hard to fix the correct spot on the screen, even with the lighting showing the general area.
  • Repetitive and best played in small doses.
  • Not universal, the iPad version needs to be purchased seperately.

Overall, this is an interesting and different game design. I found it both good and annoying game at the same time. Some of the images allow you to guess very easily the general location of the pattern, some are not so easy. However, the annoying bit is knowing the area, but just being unable to get to the correct spot on the screen to match the pattern. Chillingo do deserve praise for taking the risk on releasing a new and original game, and I am happy they did.

Rating: 80%

Size: 64.6 MB

Price (at time of review): £0.59

Link: Play Kalei – Chillingo Ltd

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