17 Apr

A Witch’s Curse: Princess Isabella HD is a puzzle game by Big Fish Games Inc.

The story behind the game is that are Princess Isabella returning to her home (the day before her wedding) to find it has been attacked and curses by an Evil witch. You need to explore the castle and life the curse. Luckily a fairy has also survived the curse and she helps you in your quest.

The idea behind the game is to enter the various areas within the castle and solve the puzzles within. Several of the puzzles are spotting the hidden item, but that are other puzzles along the way, some use items that you have collected during the quest.

The application is controlled by tapping on the items in the area or puzzle, often if an item is of interest some light sparkles will appear above it for a moment.

The game is downloaded for free, and you are able to play the first few rooms, you will then need to unlock the game to play the rest of the game. This allows you to get a pretty good idea of if you will like the game or not, and more than likely if you are a puzzle fan you will enjoy the demo.

The graphics and sound are both good. The areas in the game are beautifully drawn.

On the upside:

  • Excellent puzzle and spot game
  • Great user interface.
  • Interesting Storyline

On the downside:

  • Some of the puzzles are given without any clues on how to complete.

Overall, this is another great puzzle game by Big Fish Games, the quest storyline is good and keeps gives a reason for the puzzles, the Fairy helper is very useful for both hints and other abilities. This is one of the best puzzle games I have played to date, and it will keep you busy for several hours. I would recommend downloading the application and giving the free section a go.

Rating: 82%

Size: 220 MB

Price (at time of review): Free (£2.99 to download the full game)

Link: A Witch’s Curse: Princess Isabella HD – Big Fish Games, Inc

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