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Pocket God: Journey to Uranus is an entertainment application released by Bolt Creative.

To my amazement as I updated this application on the iPad and I was looking to do I re-review, I realised that the website still had not covered the iPad version of Pocket God, so here is the full review.

Pocket God: Journey to Uranus is really a spin off of the Pocket God for iPhone/iPod Touch, as apart from base design of the game the applications have little in common.

The game is basically makes you a god of the islands of Oog and gives you control and power over several Pygmies. You can torture them or help them in various ways. However, instead of the multiple islands present in Pocket God, you can instead drag the Pygamies into space and take them to different planets.

At the moment the application is into its third episode.

There is litte to do on these planets, apart from activating the mini games that are present in each location, these mini games are as follows:

  • Volcano Blast – A paper toss clone: 65%
  • A-Hole in Time! – A good version of Tempest: 75%
  • Dragons of Uranus – Basically this is a version of Joust: 74%
  • HoverJump – A racing game, a little like a vertical scrolling F zero game: 70%

The graphics and sound are both excellent. There are lots of cute animations and detail, even when up-sized on the iPad.

On the upside:

  • Nice little mini games.
  • The promise of more updates to come.

On the downside:

  • No as much to do as the iPhone version, so may disappoint if you are expecting the same here.
  • Not really enough content yet, but getting there.

Overall, this is an enjoyable game and some classic retro games are remade her Pocket God style, the game still lacks a bit at the moment, as you can buy most of these retro classic for iOS for less money than this application. I think with a few more updates Journey to Uranus could become a must have application. If you are a fan of pocket gods then it is worth adding to your collection. 

Rating: 81%

Size: 35.2 MB

Price (at time of review): £2.99

Link: Pocket God: Journey To Uranus – Bolt Creative

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