04 Apr

It really does not feel like a year since the iPad was released to the public, and for us in the U.K., it is not, as we had to wait another month, however, it is for U.S. consumers who could get their hands on the WiFi only models one year ago today.

So what a difference a year makes.

Since the release of the iPad there is now an offical tablet market, and most big electronic companies are competiting to get a slice of the market. Before the iPad, this market did not really exist. Before the iPad only Nintendo was suffering from the iOS applications, however, now the PC manufacturers are seeing that Apple can grab their market as well. Even some of the console manufacturers have been taking notice.

Collapse of the the Netbook market, with the iPad and cheaper full sized laptops the Netbook market has almost halved in size.

The iPad has managed to get over 60,000 applications made for the iPad, not just upsized iPhone applications. With applications like Garageband showing how an iPad version of the software can be better than computer version.

Ebooks are now seeing a huge ramp up in sales, as the iPad and other E-Readers become popular.

The most important thing that the iPad has created in competition, with 2012 looking like a really interesting year for the tablet. Why not 2011, I think the iPad has the market place tied up for now, as webOS and Android Honeycomb envolve and find the feet. Most of all the competition needs software as Apple continues to raise the bar.

One thing is for certain, the iPad should still be enjoying it’s second birthday as the top tablet on the market. Its third birthday is not so certain, but it will be an interesting journey.

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