01 Apr

Yojimbo is a digital information store for everything and is released by Bare Bones Software.

This application is designed to store any digital information you have large or small, and then allows you to tag or add it into collections to allow you to find the information later.

Yojimbo adds itself to the left hand side of the screen as a tag that can be pulled out and will show you folders (your main library and collections). You can simply drag most files onto these collections and it will be copied directly into the application.

Using the hotkeys, you pull up what you currently have in the clipboard and file this into your library as well. Yojimbo is also set up in the services on the MAC, so you can send things that you are printing into the Library as well.

Once your digital data is added into the application you can sort and tag it however you see fit.

Yojimbo is not designed to do just one thing, it is set up you allows you to use it how you wish to use it. When I started my review I was not sure what I was going to use it for, however, after putting my first data in, I found that I was saving in several documents that I wanted to file away. This is much better than having a folder full of misc documents. It also means I should be able to find it with ease in the future. 

The user interface is nice and simple, with most things being done with drag and drop, there are more advanced options available, that you can investigate late at your leisure.

On the upside:

  • Well designed user interface.
  • Lots of options how to put in data, without breaking your work flow.
  • Nice way store your digital data.

On the downside:

  • No direct import of some file types (like Pages), but can get round this with Print via PDF to Yojimbo.
  • There are some cheaper alternatives, but there are no way as integrated.

Overall, this is an excellent application that does exactly what it sets out to do. This type of application is like an iPad, you really have no idea how it is going to fit into your lifestyle until you use it, and when you do use it you find that you are using it all the time. Highly recommended. 

Rating: 91%

Size: 5.6 MB

Price (at time of review): £23.49

Link: Yojimbo – Bare Bones Software, Inc.


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