01 Apr

Here are two games that have just got updates that improve their reviews.

FinalFight@CAPCOM ARCADE – CAPCOM: 84% (up from 78%)

With the latest version of the game the controls have been improved again, and there are now two more games to play. The purchase of the arcades has been reduced to £0.59 each, which is much better. The re-review has happened because they have added Final Fight, one of my personal favorites, and it has all the three characters.


Gun Bros – Glu: Now 81% (up from 76%)

This twin stick shooter has now had several updates and has been improved with each. There are now a lot more extras to unlock, and it is possible to play the game without having to pay the in app purchased, but it is slow. The game play is still repetitive, but I find it is best to play in short bursts.

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