28 Mar

We were lucky enough to get hold of an iPad 2 at its european release, unlike some customers would queued for several hours to find them sold out.

So what do we think of one, now we have one in our hands?

The upshot is, if you do not have an iPad already, and have even been a little interested in one, then you should go out and buy an iPad 2. If you already own an original iPad, then the decision is a lot harder.

It is a bump up in spec, but is more like the iPhone 3G to the iPhone3GS, with the improvements in speed and graphics, and of course the cameras, but to be honest, if I was buying this with my own money I would wait for the iPad 3.

There are some games that are now making use of iPad 2 extra power, but for most applications the iPad 1 will still work just fine, and for many applications they will not been to change the code.

As for the cameras, the front camera works fine and does well for facetime and photo booth, the rear camera is the same as the iPod Touch, and not impressive, but I only see it being used for facetime rather than photography, and for this it works just fine.

The iPad 2 is great and the smart cover is very nice, but again is not a complete cover for the iPad, so depending on how you carry it you will need additional protection.

Overall I am impressed with the iPad 2 managing to get almost 11 hours out of the battery, which matches the original doing the same tests. The prices are the same as the original, however, the best deal I can see is being able to get the iPad 1 as a refurb for £289 for 16GB, now that is a great price.

Whatever you are looking for from a tablet, now is the perfect time to buy.

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