27 Mar

Superbrother: Sword & Sworcery Ep is an off the wall RPG by Capybara Games Inc.

A lot of people have been very interested in seeing this game since the bizarre preview video, including myself, but does the game live up to the preview? The simple answer is: Yes.

The story behind the game is that you play the Scythian, a wandering warrior monk, who adventures in the lands brings him to meet several strange people, places and creatures on your journey.

The idea behind the game is to journey through this mysterious world meeting people and solving the puzzles, the best advice I can give is follow the dog, he will help you a lot.

The application is controlled by tapping on the screen to move there, or a creature or item to look at it from a distance, you can also drag your finger to look around the screen, this is need often as some areas are large and it will help you find the exits etc. You also have to tilt the device from landscape to portrait to enter combat and use the megatome.

It game is split into sessions, so the game tries to split itself into sections so you can take a break from the game.

The sound in the game is very good. The graphics are strange, there are almost retro in style, and seem to be an odd choice, however, after a short time you get use of them and try do grow on you.

On the upside:

  • Excellent puzzle and spot game
  • Great user interface.

On the downside:

  • Some of the things the games does is off the wall, and may not appeal to some.
  • Sometimes tricky to tap on some areas, like the door when exiting a hut.

Overall, this is an excellent application it is not your standard RPG, more of a puzzle game with an RPG style. The game is well designed and has a totally unique style. If you are a fan of games like Sierra Heros Quest or other point and click adventure this is well worth a look, however, the out of the wall nature of the game may put some off, for me however, it makes the game more appealing.

Rating: 88%

Size: 133 MB

Price (at time of review):£2.99

Link: Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP – Capybara Games Inc.

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