25 Mar

Tapper World Tour is an update of the classic arcade game released by Warner Bros.

This is a revitalized version of the retro hit, it takes the basics from the original game and changes things up a little, removing some the annoyances of the original and slowly introduces the full game.

The idea behind the game is run a bar, serving drinks to the people who enter from the doors at the left hand side and make their way along the bars to the right.

As with the original, if you over server the drinks, then the full glass smashes against the bar, if a returning empty glass gets to the right of the bar it smashes on the ground, and if a customer gets to the right of the bar, they are angry at not being served. Each of these lose a life, however, unlike the original does not reset the level to the start.

The application has the retro game feel, but up to date gameplay. There are several levels to a play in the story mode, there is also an endless (survival) mode. You can also select to play Tapper man, or his daughter.

The graphics and sound have been nicely updated from the original, but still have the feel of the original.

On the upside:

  • Excellent update of the retro classic
  • Touch controls are perfect for this game
  • Fun arcade action

On the downside:

  • Not a universal application
  • Limited amount of levels in story mode (at present)

Overall, this is a wonderful remake of the original, they have improved several things that annoyed in the original, also the touch screen method of control is excellent for getting to the right place at the right time. if you have played tapper in the past and like it, then download this now, if you have never played it, then it is worth a look, especially at its current price of £0.59.

Rating: 80%

Size: 150 MB

Price (at time of review): £0.59

Link: Tapper World Tour – Warner Bros.

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