24 Mar

With the release of the iPad 2 tomorrow, we have now seen the pricing and Orange and Vodafone are offering 24 month data contracts to get a cheaper unit.

Options in Black and White.

£399 – 16GB Wifi

£479 – 32GB Wifi

£559 – 64GB Wifi

£499 – 16GB Wifi & 3G

£579 – 32GB Wifi & 3G

£659 – 64GB Wifi & 3G

Orange and Vodafone are offering £199 for the 16GB 3G models and monthly price around £25 depending if you are existing customer or not. They are generally 2GB (1GB standard and 1GB with terms) best to look at Orange and Vodafones websites for full informations.

If you are going to be a big 3G user than the deals are worth a look, if you plan to use WiFi more then they are best avoided, after all it does work out as £600 of monthly charges plus the base model price, so you will be paying £300 more for the model if you do not use the data plan.

Hopefully pre-order will be available soon, but it looks like if you do not buy in an apple store you could be in for a 2 to 3 week wait for an iPad 2.

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