21 Mar

Since the release of the iPad 2 in the U.S. there have been queues outside the shops every day, why has it happened and will it happen here?

The main reason for the queues appear to be that stocks of iPads are extremely limited with probably only a million or so units built so far. Apple did not allow pre-orders on the website, this was probably due to fears that they would receive too many orders, and would not have enough stock available for their retail stores.

We have seen from the glue issues (still drying on the edges of the screen) and the strip-down of the iPad 2 that parts have only been manufacturered in this year.

It would appear that Apple are sending out new builds to the retail stores, and it also tries to build stock for the International release, which may be reduced to less than the 25 countries that were announced.

The U.K. release looks like it will still take place on the 25th March, but I believe that stock will be extremely limited, and we will also see storages for several weeks. Interestingly, several people in the media are reporting that pre-orders will be available, however, when this will start is anyones guess with only four days to the release.

It seems likely we will have queues the same as the U.S., but the U.K. has been a fairly small market place for the iPad due to the much higher price than the U.S.

One thing is for sure it is too late for Apple to back out on the U.K. release date now.

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