12 Mar

The other day we chatted with Ben from Rodeo games, and talked about their hit title Hunters: Episode One and what they had planned for the future.

Q) Tell us a little about Rodeo games, when did you start and is your first project?
A) It started last July / August. All four of us wanted to play something on the iPhone that simply wasn’t there. So, we figured other people might want an in-depth turn-based strategy game too. In the weeks that followed, we quit our games-industry jobs and formed Rodeo Games. Hunters: Episode One is our first project.

Q) How did you come up with the ideas for Hunters?
A) Laurent and I were supposed to be meeting for a “quiet” pint after work. He walked in, late and grinning, and declared that we should make this turn based iPhone game. We then spent the rest of the night downing shots and throwing ideas around. With a lot of design help from Adam and Rich, those ideas eventually turned into Hunters.

Q) Was there any one game that influenced Hunters?
A) There were loads. We love board games, and played a lot of Space Hulk and Battlestar Galactica. Other influences include X-COM, Jagged Alliance, Commandos, all sorts really.

Q) Any plans of doing a full priced version of hunters (Gameloft found that many people did not like upgrading from free)?
A) Not right now. We always wanted to let people play our game first, then buy it if they like it. It’s quite a bold move, but if players don’t end up buying our game, then we clearly haven’t made something worth buying.

Q) What are your plans from the multi-player version of the game? Only local or online?
A) Funnily enough, Hunters started life as a Multiplayer game. We spent many many hours refining combat mechanics with a Pass and Play iPad version last year, which was awesome fun. We’ll certainly release a multiplayer Hunters. Quite how that fits into our development and release schedule, we haven’t figured out yet!

Q) When is Episode Two likely to appear? Will it be the same type of game?
A) Episode Two is a long way off. We’ll be adding to and developing Episode One for the foreseeable future. We always saw Episode One as something we could iterate along with the players, reacting to their needs. Turns out they currently want Story missions, so we’re busy working on that for our first DLC.

Q) Do you have any other games on the drawing board, or are you just focusing on Hunters for now?
A) We have loads of games we’d love to make. The two big hurdles are time and money, both of which we possess little of at the moment. Over the coming years though, we really want to grow Rodeo Games into a bigger studio with several smaller, focused teams that are able to create and support awesome titles.


Many thanks again to Ben for taking the time to talk to us, and we wish Rodeo games all the success they deserve.


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