11 Mar

Here are two games that have just got updates that improve their reviews.

Angry Birds Seasons HD – Rovio Mobile Ltd.: 92% (up from 89%)

We reviewed Angry Birds Seasons when it was still called Angry Birds Halloween. Since then it has had a Christmas update, Valentines and now St. Patricks day. The basic formula has remained the same, but having new content for free is always good. The applications now has enough levels in its own right to match the original Angry Birds, and the fact that the HD version is £1 cheaper than the original is even better.


Infinity Blade – Chair Entertainment Group, LLC: Now 88% (up from 83%)

This is a nice second wave update, with new areas to explore and monsters to fight. There is new equipment to find and buy. Finally and best of all, a reduction in price for those who have not seen the eye candy graphics.

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