08 Mar

StarShipSofa is a fortnighty podcast which has at least one story and is release by Wizzard media. 

This podcast is presented by a brit, Tony Smith and he introduces the show and tells you able the stories author and the reader, and links to the other features that have been introduced into the podcast.

The stories can be very different from week to week, but are often very good, even award winners, and are generally well read by the readers. The show has had stories from a lot of great writers like Michael Morecock, Tad Williams and Philip K Dick.

On the upside:

  • Great production
  • Some top quality stories

On the downside:

  • A little long sometimes, so you have to split up your listening

Overall, this is an excellent podcast and has a huge back catalogue of stories to listen to, many of the stories are from very famous authors. They also run the story for award nominated stories, so the stories are often of a high quality. My only complaint if any is sometimes the show runs a little too long, it is split up into sections, but it is sometime difficult to listen to a story all in one sitting.

Rating: 83%

Average Running Time: Currently around 90 minutes to 2 hours

Price (at time of review): Free

Link: StarShipSofa


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