08 Mar

Pocket Informant is a task and calendar tracking system released by Web Information Solutions Inc.

The application basically allows you to add events or tasks into your calendar and then you can track your work flow for the day and the weeks to come. You have several views the “Today”, Calendar, Tasks and Settings.

The application has lots of options that people will find useful like syncing to Google calendar, repeating tasks (which is often missing from even the best task management systems) and Text Expander support.

The application also supports GTD (Getting-Things-Done) task tracking.

The application offers you hundreds of options to customise the look and feel, as well of the functionality of the application.

The user interface is excellent, it looks like a portfolio with calendar etc on the side as tabs. This really feels like it was designed for the iPad rather than an iPhone convert, like several other apps of this type.

On the upside:

  • Well designed user interface.
  • Hundreds of Options
  • Syncing to the cloud

On the downside:

  • I like expensive for home users, especially if you have iPad and iPhone and want both versions.

Overall, this application is excellent for people who want to control their calendar and tasks on the move. This is one of those applications that can live up to the term “Fully featured” I do not believe you will find any options missing from this application. I have been using the iPad version of this application for about six months now, and it is my main task manager. The iPhone version has all the same options and with the SYNCing can contain all the same data as my iPad version.

Rating: 85%

Size: 8.5MB

Price (at time of review): £7.49

Link: Pocket Informant (Calendar & Tasks) – Web Information Solutions, Inc. 


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