03 Mar
March 25 2011, now feels a long way away, but it is only four more weeks. For this is the day that the iPad 2 will be released.
First of all the iPad 2 specifications:
  • Front and Rear cameras, built for video rather than photos, similar to the iPod Touchs camera by the looks of things.
  • Dual Core Processor, to make things tick over nicely.
  • Faster graphics
  • Gyroscope.
  • Thinner and lighter

There are new accessories: 

  • one that puts the iPad’s out via HDMI, which could really make the iPad a great home gaming platform.
  • the smart cover that uses magnets and can switch on the iPad when opened, and even clean the screen. We truly hope the Smart Cover lives up to the promise of the demo of it.
New Software:
  • iMovie – redesigned from the iPhone version rather than upsized. Looks good for editing those videos you are going to take.
  • Garageband was also very impressive, looked easier than the Mac version
Best of all from the annoucement Apple have managed to keep the pricing the same, and this means that the older iPad which is still great will be available at $100 less (£60) in lots of places.


Overall, we are very happy with what Apple had to show, there was a few small disappointments, but most was as we expected (especially mobileme.)
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