26 Feb

PhotoSync – wireless transfers your photos and video to another device is released by Touchbyte GmbH

This application is designed to easily transfer photos from one device to another, wirelessly. Whether it is iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad or Mac. You make sure that location services is switched on for the application (*UPDATED – Apple require to this from applications using the Photo Library*) and you are ready to transfer.

Sync the two devices and select the phones on device A and then transfer to Device B via Wifi or Bluetooth.

This is really time saving and great if you just want to move photos onto your iPad from the iPhone while on holiday, for the whole family to look at and enjoy.

The user interface is very good selecting the photos you want from your camera roll or photo library and then transfer them over to device you sync with. 

On the upside:

  • Well designed user interface.
  • WiFi and Bluetooth supported.

On the downside:

  • I do not like having to switch on location services to use the application (but those are Apple’s rules)

Overall, this is a great application, it does exactly what it is designed to do. The application work well in all modes and makes the transfer of photos simple and quick. I used it on a trip, took photos on the iPhone and on the journey back transferred the photos to the iPad via bluetooth so the others in the vehicle could look. If you have more than one iOS device and love photos/videos, this is an application you need.

Rating: 90%

Size: 16.1 MB

Price (at time of review): £1.19

Link: PhotoSync – wirelessly transfers your photos and videos – touchbyte GmbH 

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