31 Jan

Mobile Mouse is an application that turns your iOS Device into a wireless controller for the Mac and is released by R.P.A. Tech.

This application is designed to let you connect your iOS device via WiFi to Mac. Those making your device into a wireless controller. Keyboard, Mouse etc.

The application is nicely designed, it is easy to set up and use. 

There are screens for web browsing, music (iTunes), and there is even a perfect duplicate of your applications in the dock on one of the screens, allowing easy switching to a different application.

The iPhone version is great, but really only if you want to use one piece of functionally at a time. Need an external mouse, you have got it. Need an external numeric pad for lots of maths work, then it is there. I have known lots of people who have paid several dollars for accessory devices that are now offered on the iPhone screen.

The iPad version gives you the best experience due to the large screen. The Keyboard is the same as the iPad version with an additional bar above it for some of the Mac keyboard functions.

Interestingly you can run the devices at the same time, so you could use the iPad as the keyboard and the iPhone as the mouse or numeric pad.

This application is more for working and entertainment, rather than trying to game using it, however, the response time is very quick.

The user interface is excellent on both versions, but it is the iPad version that shines. For example, if you are typing on the iPad the words appear on the device, so you can see if you made a spelling mistake without having to look up at the Mac screen.

One note, on the iPhone version, if you do get rid of the keyboard, then you have to shake the device to get it to return.

Clearly you need to consider battery life and sleep times of the devices when using this product, for example, when using the iPhone as a mouse I would start typing a large amount of text and then go to move the mouse, and of course the device had gone to sleep so I had to wake it back up again. You can change this setting from the options, but then you will need to think about battery life.

On the upside:

  • Very easy to start up over WiFi
  • Excellent wireless mouse and keyboard option with the iPad

On the downside:

  • The keyboard layout could be improved a little.
  • Having to run the server on the MAC, but no way round this one.
  • Would have been nice if it was a universal app so you did not have to buy them separately

Overall, this is a great application allowing you to use your iPhone or iPad as an external keyboard and/or mouse for the Mac. The iPhone version is more of an accessory only really about to do one job well at one time (a mouse, a keyboard, external numeric pad or a remote control), but the iPad version is solid. I would have liked to have seen a customisable keyboard option within the iPad application and the arrow keys in a better layout, but apart from this I found the iPad version excellent. i was impressed with whole experience.

Rating: 87%

Size: 5.7 MB [iPhone] other versions smaller.

Price (at time of review): Server Free via the Mac App Store / iPhone: £1.19 / iPad: £1.79 

Link: iPhone: Mobile Mouse Pro (Remote / Trackpad) – R.P.A. Tech / iPad: Mobile Mouse (Remote/Trackpad for the iPad) – R.P.A. Tech


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