31 Jan

MacWorld 2011 is now over and people have returned home to reflect.

People said that last years MacWorld was going to be the last after Apple pulled out, however, MacWorld is still alive and kicking. The main thing about it, it is has changed.

The tech talks, training and conferences are pretty well the same as always. There are lots of nice events to walk and take part in, and I believe that this will be what will keep MacWorld going in the years to come. Apple fans love to talk about the future of the Mac and iOS platforms.

The trade show floor is where the biggest changes have taken place. The big companies have been staying away and small companies are filling the spaces, but there are no real companies wanting to fill the void left by Apple.

The indie developers are still there trying to be seen and trying to push their products. For the U.S. based companies this is a lot easier and more cost effective than for the rest of the world, but more power to them for trying.

The biggest thing you notice walking around the trade show floor is the shear amount of iOS accessories on offer, they outnumber the Mac ones by about two to one. Most of the companies are selling cases and protection for iPhones and iPads.

I hope they managed to make the money back in sales that they spent on floor space, as will all the hundreds of items there, only a few managed to get their names into the press and that is a real shame.

I worry for the companies who had good products, but where overlooked by the sear amount of things at MacWorld. One piece of advice to them, you need to be able to evolve quickly to keep up with Apple.

It is well know that Apple generally refresh all product lines every year, and sometimes the refreshes are very dramatic, with sizes and shapes changing not by millimeters but by centimeters. I was shocked taking to some of the companies who felt that their device for the iPad would more than likely fit the iPad 2. How can you say that at this stage, where is the slot of an SD card reader, where is your hole for the rear facing camera? It is true that no one really knows what Apple will bring to market later in this year, but it you cannot adapt your product design quickly when the iPad 2 is announced, then you can be sure that dozens of others will be able to.

I was very tempted to buy the ZAGG iPad Case/Keyboard, but I think I will wait for the iPad 2 to be announced, so I can get a product that will be useful to me at the end of 2011.

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